The Broken Artifact

Scientists suppose that several millions years ago the Earth was in its forming period. They are WRONG! In my opinion there was a global catastrophe in that time. An ancient civilization had been living here before the catastrophe. This civilization was an alien colony. The Citadel was founded in the place which is called AIZA(agressive influence zone of the Artifact) now. There was a gigantic subterrain under it where an altar was. A powerful artifact used to be defended by the elite guard from the fatal influence of the environment in that altar deep in the earth. The Artifact used the combination of dark material and dark energy to produce a gas which made the planet stable and people immortal.
But once during the Great Eclipse the Artifact was damaged by the mysterious power of the Universe. This fatal event caused an anthropogenic catastrophe. The artifact’s function turned over. People were dying out, daily disasters completely ruined the Citadel but the citadel subterrain survived. The rest of the people tried to turn off or fix the Artifact but all of them died when approached it. So they could only temporarily reduce its power… It fell calm. Everything was dead. The Earth had been consigned to oblivion…
A new life appears on an empty planet. The Citadel Archshamans soul reincarnates into the plasmatic essence using the power of the Artifact in the altar hall. A huge meteor destroys dinosaurs. The Archshaman succeeds in recreating the civilization but he has no power to recover the DNA completely. That’s why contemporary people can use only 4% of their genes. The Archshaman is waiting for the Advent of the Supreme and defending the ruins of the Citadel.
The Supreme are already on the Earth. They are just waiting for us to be able to understand, assume the missing DNA and help them to fix the broken artifact…
We, members of Order of Chaos, admit the importance of fixing the Artifact before it destroys the planet, waiting for the Advent of the Supreme and want to help them to recover the Earth and the people living here.

Опубликовано: 16 Февраль 2010
Раздел: Философия

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